VINWORLD Berlin – Start Underperforming


On 11th and 12th November, it was the first time for the VINWORLD Berlin fair to open its gates. At the wine faire newly launched by VINUM and taking place at Palazzo Italia, about 200 exhibitors from top wine estates worldwide submitted just under 1,100 crus. The premiere of Berlin’s most comprehensive international wine presentation was appreciated very much and was pointing the way for the future VINWORLD.

The weekend before the last weekend, just under 1,000 visitors took the opportunity to taste an exclusive selection of international wines at Palazzo Italia in Berlin. So, the enthused visitors from Berlin and its surrounding areas were allowed to taste excellent wines from Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, but also from lesser known wine region like Romania, Russia and Turkey and obtain authentic information directly from the producers.

The direct and informal talks to the vintners on the spot were unanimously assessed positively by the visitors (78 % end consumers, 22 % professionals).

The six masterclass seminars organized on Saturday and Sunday were highly frequented, too. End consumers as well as professionals got much information and some anecdotes about the particularities of the wines presented from the wine regions of Portugal, from the Languedoc region, from Switzerland, or the still disregarded Romania.

The special shows around the VINUM awards of “Deutscher Riesling Champion”, “Deutscher Rotweinpreis”, and “Deutscher Sekt Award” (German Riesling Champion, German Red Wine Prize, German Sparkling Wine Award) were highly appreciated by the spectators. A selection of the final wines from all three awards could be tasted for free.

“It was more than noticeable that wine lovers in Berlin were more and more interested and curious”, Arthur Wirtzfeld, project manager of the VINWORLD, resumed. “Even though that weekend several big wine events took place, the start with about 1,000 visitors was good. If we coordinate the date better, the VINWORLD can only become more successful.”

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