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Portugal // Vinho Verde

PROVAM is a private limited company that consists in 10 wine-growers of the Monção and Melgaço sub-region. With an installed capacity of 510.000 litres, 25% of the grapes come from the vineyards of the partners and the remaining grapes are bought from other growers of this sub-region. The technology of the cellar allows to rise the oenological value of the casts by determination of the vintage in each vintage. Nothing is made at random, but, in a rational way with the alliance of the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Our subjects

Alvarinho, Trajadura

Our wines

2016 PROVAM VINHO VERDE (Alvarinho, Trajadura)
2016 VARANDA DO CONDE (Alvarinho, Trajadura)
2016 PORTAL DO FIDALGO (Alvarinho)
2015 VINHA ANTIGA (Alvarinho)
2014 CASTAS DE MONÇÃO (Alvarinho, Trajadura)
2014 COTO DE MAMOELAS (Alvarinho)


4950-045 MONÇÃO


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